Friday, October 7, 2011

Dismal U.S. Economy Continues: I guess some jobs are better than none?

We're told that there were 103,000 new jobs created in the U.S. this past September.  Big deal, are we supposed to be dancing in the streets?

The statistics don't really tell us what sort of jobs they were or even if they were full time and/or whether they were government or private sector jobs.  We're told merely that the jobs index "held at 9.1 percent." Well, hoorah for that!

I still don't comprehend what is so hard about creating millions of jobs for American citizens.   A short while back I wrote a commentary on how millions of jobs may be created that would benefit the American community --- business, government and the American people.   In fact, I have been writing similar articles for the past 6 years while Americans continue to get fired from millions of jobs and business outsourced millions more.

However, our Congress just refuses to do its job.   Instead, for months (even for years) Republicans and Democrats continue to play the political games and finger-pointing that they have done to get us into this mess in the first place.  

The TRUTH is that if our Congress wanted to resolve our unemployment, health care and other issues, it would have done so already.

While it is great that so many groups of people all over the nation are staging marches and sit-ins, our elected and appointed officials just don't seem to get the point.   They really don't want to change what is happening in Washington.   They just don't seem to want to create jobs for Americans and to cut-down our huge debt to China, Japan and other nations.

President Obama acknowledged American discontent and showed empathy with the marchers throughout the nation, but Washington seems to have a life of its own, one that does NOT bode well for most Americans.   Unfortunately, many people such as Herman Cain, one of the GOP Presidential candidates, blast the marchers as being "liberal discontents" instead of trying to comprehend the real message being sent. Hopefully, Cain will lose many votes for that stance!

Until the American people collectively snap their eyes wide open, see clearly the political special interests and inaction and in one loud voice demand appropriate resolutions from Congress, the Washington nonsense and chaos will continue and our once great American society will plummet further into the economic abyss and political decay.

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