Friday, October 14, 2011

Texas tall tales by 'King' Perry aren't ready for national prime time...

I have written dozens of articles during the past 8 years on Texas Governor Rick Perry's lies and that he is little more than a flim-flam man telling Texans what he wants them to believe.

One of Perry's big lies is about how many jobs he has created and while it may have served him well in Texas, it's a different story under the scrutiny of the national limelight.

Perry is a sociopath with grandiose ideas.  The American people have seen the man decaying in national television and media before their very eyes within a period of 3 weeks.

Furthermore, what has worked for Perry in Texas during the past 10 years is not going very far under the sophisticated scrutiny of the American people.  In short, Rick Perry is doomed.  His political career is in jeopardy, not only on the American stage, but also in the state of Texas.  Rick Perry has become an endangered species.

An article in the Austin American-Statesman points out Perry's lie about the number of jobs he has created in Texas:

Perry is trying to deflect criticism of inflated job numbers and cronyism from the right and the left, from The Wall Street Journal to The New Republic and, of course, from his presidential rivals.

This is hardly news in Texas, where the Legislature this year ordered greater oversight of Perry's management of economic development funds in the wake of a critical audit and outside evaluations of his jobs record. But past criticisms are amplified by presidential politics, particularly when some conservative voters are questioning the wisdom of spending taxpayer dollars to choose winners and losers in the business and technology arena.
In truth, Perry padded his job numbers by including those planned for in the future, many of which may never happen.  The number of jobs cited by Perry via the Enterprise Fund is 54,600 jobs.  The fund is a means to recruit companies to do business in Texas.  The reality of jobs created falls far short of Perry's numbers.

"They are counting their chickens before they hatch," said Andrew Wheat with Texans for Public Justice, a government watchdog group and frequent Perry critic. "They haven't created 56,000 jobs; they've given money to create 56,000 jobs."

Perry should have kept his profile low by not jumping haphazardly into the 2012 GOP Primary.  He is a big bag of wind that soon will run out of hot air because under the limelight of national media, Perry's lies will be deflated very quickly.

Rick Perry does NOT have a viable platform for the American people.  He is a little man on a planet of many more intelligent and powerful people with better ideas and plans.  Perry's time in politics is limited.

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