Thursday, September 29, 2011

Texas Homeowners Should Expect Even Higher Property Taxes

Also expect more bond packages on the election ballot.

by Peter Stern

Governor Rick Perry and Texas legislators think they are fooling taxpayers.  In most cases they are.  Why else would Texas homeowners continue to approve road and school bond packages, along with other bond packages and increased tax rates?

Since the state continues to shirk more of its responsibilities (public education, roads, other costs) onto local governments, who then divert costs over to homeowners, there will be an increase of taxes leading to more home foreclosures.

But the state of Texas will look great fiscally --- on paper only!

During the past 10 years, the "smoke and mirrors" politics and fiscal manipulations of the Rick Perry administration and his "merry band of" Legislators are killing Texas homeowners who pay some of the highest property taxes in the nation --- and it just gets worse and worse.

Why in heck do Texans continue to vote for "King of Texas" Rick Perry and the various 150 or so legislators who have contributed to our financial demise?

Texas voters on the state and local levels need to get rid of the folks who continue to tack on costs to hard-working and hardly working Texans.  We need to get some new and not yet corrupted elected and appointed officials into a lackluster system of government.  Maybe then we can get back on-track to making Texas a better fiscal, social and political climate for ALL Texans.

So, start voting 'em out this November and keep on doing it!

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