Thursday, September 8, 2011

Aftermath of 9/11: Rebuilding the World Trade Center

Ten years ago, the terrorists of 9/11 changed New York City and our nation forever. The tragic incidents were mass murders and the city came together in a unity that became a symbol of American grit and spirit. It took years to clean up the mass destruction in the area that became known as "Ground Zero" and the destruction of the Twin Towers at the old World Trade Center became a solemn landmark for all Americans.

Construction is taking place to build the new World Trade Center (WTC) at a projected cost of $3.1 billion and will consist of 5 skyscrapers. The new primary tower [1 WTC] is named "The Freedom Tower" and will replace the former Twin Towers that were destroyed by the planes sky-jacked by the terrorists. The structure will be 1,776 feet tall (including the spear at the top) and will be the tallest building in the U.S. The number of total feet commemorates the year of our independence from England. The WTC will become the newest living and working memorial to the 9/11 tragedy and for the victims of the worst terrorist action ever to have taken place on American shores.

There will be a memorial placed at the base of the new WTC to commemorate 9/11 and to honor the victims of the mass tragedy.

The new building will house space for offices and public visitation. There will be glass enclosed observatories, swimming pools and public restaurants.and there is an expectation of 3 million visitors per year. The structure will house a huge New York/New Jersey Port Authority for travelers that will include a transportation hub of subways, buses, trains, taxis, etc.

There are 2 websites (links below) that provide more information on the new WTC. The first one shows several interactive graphics and facts on the designed buildings.

The 2nd link will provide an animated panoramic view of the WTC, a.k.a. a virtual tour given by Daniel Libeskind and Dara McQuillan. Also att the top of the screen are several tabs you may click on to display more information.

While the idea of a living, breathing memorial certainly is an interesting concept and tribute, it is another example of how capitalism enters and overshadows every area of our lives. Wealth begets wealth and certainly the new WTC will make a fortune for some enterprising individuals.and business associates.


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