Tuesday, September 27, 2011

GOP NIGHTMARE CONTINUES: There may be ‘mucho’ Skeletons in Chris Christie’s Closet

The Search Goes On...

by Peter Stern

Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie has stated many times that he does NOT want to run for President --- perhaps with good reason. As a former aggressive fund raiser and attorney,   Christie may have a lot of skeletons in his closet.   Why on earth would Christie want the publicity and scrutiny that would go along with his GOP candidacy?

Don't the GOP leadership review a prospective presidential candidate before pushing and supporting them? Apparently not.

Romney, Perry, Bachmann, Cain, Santorum, Huntsman?   Where do they get these guys?   I excluded Ron Paul because of 2 reasons.   First, the GOP never have nor will support Paul and secondly, he is the only politician these days who has spoken the truth during his entire career as a Congressman, whether people wanted to hear it or not.   Say what you will about Ron Paul, but he is not a flip-flopper or even a flop-flipper.

Anyway, back to Chris Christie.   He is not the savior for the "religious" right GOP.   In fact, he may be the anti-Christ for the party, but they still can't see it.   What else is new?   The GOP cannot even take a good, long and honest look at itself.   While the Democratic Party has enough issues within itself, the GOP are nearing its "dirty dozen" of candidates who should have been thrown-out with the dirty bath water.

While special interest Rick Perry stumbles and fumbles in the dark world of national focus, he still remains in first place of the deviant Republican candidates.   Who would a thunk it?

Chris Christie opens up a whole new can o' worms.   Lots of sleazy Wall Street business has been going on in NJ with the Governor's brother.   Payoffs are discovered here and there that shine light on the Governor himself.


Just how low can the Republican Party go?   Stay tune, folks.   The GOP search for candidates continues.... and the best is yet to come.

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