Thursday, December 22, 2011

So, what's the real dope on construction of the XL pipeline and why does Rick Perry want it so badly?

Is the pipeline a plus for all of us or is it just another scam?

Okay, we know that Texas Governor and GOP Presidential Candidate Rick Perry foams at the mouth when he speaks about the XL pipeline and he is demanding that President Barack Obama approve the project ASAP.

Perry claims that the pipeline, which would begin in Canada and move down through the middle of the U.S. all the way south, would create thousands of jobs for Americans and would boost the oil business and hence the economy.  Generally, whenever Rick Perry really wants something, it isn't good for the majority of voters and taxpayers.

Now, the real question is "Who is the pipeline actually good for?"  Will Americans really benefit or is it just another oil pipeline dream for Perry's big fuel buddies?  Perry not only gets big bucks contributed to his campaign war chest, but he also gets gifts and perks.  In addition, Perry owns shares of stocks and/or bonds in various gas and oil companies.   Perry also has a working interest in a Weatherford company called MKS Natural Gas Co.,   These are ALL conflicts of interests!

Perry's assets:

Also, if Perry is on the up and up with his income and investments why is it that he refused to make them open to the public for the past 15 years instead of waiting until he runs for President and is forced to comply by Federal law.

The pipeline dream may be to make bigger profits for oil companies and others who will ship the oil overseas.  Maybe the oil will never see the inside of American auto oil tanks.  So the benefit goes to the already wealthy corporations and individuals who will continue to screw all of us by sending the oil via pipeline through the U.S. and onto oil tankers bound for distant lands.

After all, it's not like we don't have oil fields in the U.S. and reserves that we couldn't build-up to benefit American consumers, right?  Why do the pipeling from Canada?

So, you have to ask yourself, "What's the real dope of the Canadian-American XL pipeline and who will really profit from it?"

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