Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2012 U.S. Politics:
The Republican Party Will Try to Keep Out the Young Liberal Vote.... of course!


09:10 on 27 December 2011

Is the GOP anti-youth?  You betcha!

Young first time voters will have a heck of a time getting their Voter Registration Cards, if the GOP has anything to say about it.   Many young voters are drawn to candidate Ron Paul because of his often anti-establishment proposals, plans and platform.  The Republican Party can't let that happen, so it will do anything it can to prevent liberal youth from voting.

A New York Times editorial projects that:

Next fall, thousands of students on college campuses will attempt to register to vote and be turned away. Sorry, they will hear, you have an out-of-state driver’s license. Sorry, your college ID is not valid here. Sorry, we found out that you paid out-of-state tuition, so even though you do have a state driver’s license, you still can’t vote.
U.S. politics has become detrimental to the American people and it's time that voters DEMAND changes in an inadequate, troubled and blatantly abusive political system and inept Congress.  The 2-party system has failed Americans and it has made them 2nd and 3rd class citizens.

It is long overdue that the American people rise up and endorse a political revolution that prohibits wealthy individual and corporate contributions, perks and gifts to buy officials and the special interest legislation they desire to make endless profits.

Until the American people say it is enough, the 2-Party political plague will continue, ensuring many more years of political, social and economic game playing and chaos.


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