Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Another U.S. Drone 'bites the dust'

peter stern

08:24 on 13 December 2011
It must be getting awfully crowded up in the sky these days. Drones are falling out of the sky like raindrops.

An armed drone named the Reaper (below) was first used to fly surveillance over Afghanistan and Iraq (and who knows where else) back in 2007. Drones have been used in the Middle East ever since. Last week Iran claimed to have shot down a similar U.S. drone. U.S. government officials at first rejected the accusation, then finally admitted to the drone after they realized that Iran was going to keep it. American paranoia determined that Iran could use the drone as a model to build a million of its own drones so then we admitted to sending the drone, So now Obama has asked Iran for the drone back. I wouldn't give it back, would you????.

More drone news.... Apparently, just after Iran became irate over the U.S. drone invading its air space, another U.S. drone crashed while landing at an airport on a small island of Mahe off the East Coast of Africa (near Mauritania). Drone stocks must be sliding in price on the New York Stock Exchange, along with most other issues.

What is wrong with U.S. drone manufacturing anyway? Can't we build a drone without any factory defects and malfunctioning? No wonder we outsource our manufacturing overseas. We can't even build a drone that stays undetected in the air. What good is a drone if every nation finds one on the ground? Seems to defeat the concept of having drones to spy on other nations. Plus, it's another waste of U.S. tax dollars.

No one is supposed to know you have drones. Now, everyone is nervous that Iran will keep the drone and maybe use it to build drones of its own. Then Iran will send its drones to spy on Israel and the U.S. After a while, there won't be any room in the sky for air travel. It's bad enough that air flights are seldom on time these days.

My God!!! What's the world coming to?

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