Monday, December 26, 2011

Rick Perry keeps on saying that he's done great miracles for Texas employers and workers, so why do companies out-of-state do so much water development business in Texas???


16:11 on 26 December 2011
It's a simple answer, really.  Rick "King of the Liars" Perry is lying again.  What a surprise!

Rural Texans wind up paying out more money for water and sewer services.  That would be bad enough, but more often than not those hard-earned Texas dollars are going towards the profits of outside [of Texas] water development companies.

Texas Republicans hate 'too liberal' California, so why are we paying water developers in California?  Because Perry set it up that way.

During the past 5 years "Tricky" Ricky also pushed for more deregulation in a state that doesn't have much oversight already.  The reality is that Texans are paying much more for various goods and services than they did 2 years ago.  The water and electric bills are sky high.  Texans pay double the premiums for their homeowner's insurance than they did 4 years ago.  Texans also pay more property taxes than most other states require.

While the state enables elevated profiteering in Texas, Texans and their children are placed on the backburners.  Take for instance the ongoing yearly attempt by the Governor and Texas Legislators to divert the state's public education responsibility onto local city and county government.  The state is dying to get out of the public education business and into the privatized and charter school business.  They are succeeding rapidly.  Another example of education gone to the dogs is the fact that after Perry helped push through the deregulation of higher education tuition, the University of Texas raised its tuition 5 times, while other colleges and universities followed suit.

On my previous blog thread I showed that Perry is using Texas taxpayer dollars for his security team when he travels around the nation as a GOP Presidential candidate.  Why should Texas taxpayers foot the tab for his presidential security team?  The man just loves spending the hard-earned dollars of hardly working Texans.  Heck, if you are lucky enough to have a job, chances are you still are earning less than you did only 2-3 years ago.

But Perry isn't worried.  After all, he has his salary, his retirement pension that he earns while still working [part-time as Governor], his stocks and bonds and his special interest contributors to keep him financially happy and secure.

The rest of us don't mean " a hill o' beans" to Rick 'Mush For Brains" Perry.

Texans wish they could pawn Perry off to the nation as the next President and then get Texas back on-track to rebuilding our economy and create more jobs.

As we could paraphrase the vaudeville comedian Georgie Jessel's comic bit about his wife, "Take Rick Perry..., PLEASE!!!"


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