Saturday, December 31, 2011

Rick "the Big Spender" Perry's rental home costs Texas taxpayers between $10K and $20K per month, while his security costs $400K and $600K PER MONTH!!!


21:31 on 29 December 2011


Very interesting for a guy who chides Washington officials for their outrageous pork expenditures and misleading taxpayers.  Perry also says he wants a part time Congress at half the current salaries.

“Pork barrel spending, where senators, they scratch one another’s backs, is not federalism,” he said. “That’s about fleecing the American public.”  --- Rick Perry

Meanwhile, Perry's rental costs a small fortune to Texas taxpayers and the Governor just submitted the paperwork for his retirement, for which he gets a hefty pension in addition to his $150,000 salary.  Together Perry now earns $240,000 per year.  So, who is ripping off hardworking and hardly working taxpayers???

"By comparison, the Texas governor's mansion is wholly owned by the state - there is no rent or mortgage to pay. As currently configured, it has about 9,900 total square feet, but most is public space packed with historic artifacts. Only 2,750 square feet is dedicated to the governor's residence." --- Dallas Morning News
Perry weakly once tried to defend the rental costs for the 6,385 square foot mansion on Lake Travis.  Perry was as arrogant as ever.  The Dallas news article stated:

Perry dismissed such criticism with a laugh when asked by the AP about the costs of living in the exclusive Estates of Barton Creek neighborhood in west Austin: "If that's the best cut anybody's got of leadership in the state of Texas, then bring it on."
Perry is a hypocrite and a liar and will do ANYTHING to increase his own worth and that adds profits of his special interests.  He is at the least as bad as the Washington politicians he says he dislikes.

In addition, Perry charges his security costs to Texas taxpayers while he gallivants around the nation as a Presidential candidate.  Should the more than $400,000 per month be paid for with his campaign contributions?

The Texas Tribune posted an article about the security and related costs that are being charged to taxpayers during an economy that shows cuts in needed state services and increasing property taxes.  That doesn't bother Governor Perry as long as he lives "high on the hog."

"His state-provided security guards were flying pretty high, too, spending more than $32,000 in taxpayer money for travel and lodging in San Francisco, $4,400 to dine near the Ronald Reagan Library and Museum in Simi Valley, and another $6,400 for plane tickets to San Diego, records show."
Lastly, people forget that Rick Perry became a millionaire WHILE serving as Governor of Texas.  That in itself smells like week-old unrefrigerated fish and is blatantly a conflict of interests.  He frequently also uses a private plane contributed by one of his wealthy special interests, who still happens to be under investigation by the SEC.

How can anyone trust this man, let alone vote for him.  (It's a rhetorical question, see, no question mark)

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