Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rick Perry has mush for brains...

peter stern

21:54 on 20 December 2011
Honestly, the Perry dude can't remember squat.

The Houston Chronicle outlines a story whereby in Iowa Perry was discussing his flat tax plan and gave out the wrong information. Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, who for some inexplicable reason supports Perry's campaign for President, had to correct Perry.
Rick Perry is running for president as the man with a plan: A plan to lower your taxes, cut government spending and create new jobs.

But Perry proved once again today that he’s not so sure what’s in his plan.
As Fox News reported on its politics blog, Perry needed a little help from a friend — the wonky Louisiana governor, Bobby Jindal — when the Texan misstated a key provision of his optional flat-tax plan.

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