Friday, August 10, 2012

Texas Education Refinancing Law Suit Continues

The state and the courts continue to play a 1 decade long game with our children's public education.
The State Constitution says that the State must provide a quality education for Texas children and that includes paying for it with tax dollars and not to continue to divert education dollars for other special interest whims.
The Governor, House Reps and Senators are little more than criminals who have diverted their constitutional responsibility onto local governments who in turn have overburdened homeowners who must pay 80 percent of their property taxes for public education.
Even then the state sends money collected in one district to another if the districts are termed rich or poor districts. These days EVERY district is poor and the Robin Hood Clause should be thrown out of the system.
The State is guilty of irresponsibly and criminally destroying the public education system in Texas. The GOP in Texas simply doesn't want Public Education to succeed and it certainly doesn't want to provide the tax dollars for financing it.

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