Wednesday, August 22, 2012

State’s Rights vs. Individual Rights

According to the latest anti-abortion news, the Appeals Court has determined that “Texas can cut off Planned Parenthood funding"
I am a long time Republican who has grown weary of the Party's current platform of right-wing extremism in too many areas of our daily lives.
I believe as Gov. Rick Perry does that the Federal Government should stay out of our daily personal lives and state affairs.
I believe as Perry does NOT, that State Government should stay out of our personal lives. During his tenure as Governor of Texas, Perry has shown time after time that he and the state want to control more aspects of our daily lives, especially those of women.
With this latest appeals decision on the extremist right-wing anti-abortion agenda, Perry and Texas Legislators have been provided the extreme right to legally tell women and various health care entities like Planned Parenthood what they can and can not do.
Before my fellow GOP members point a finger at me for saying these things, I do not believe that tax dollars should go to paying for abortions, but I believe that women have the right to make educated decisions about what they will do with their respective bodies and with any fetus inside those bodies. Otherwise stated: I am pro-life up until the individual woman has the right to determine her actions for herself. Government should not have that right --- but as of today in Texas, it does.
Despite what the Appeals Court determined, the state's interference in women's lives is still unconstitutional. Anyone with half a brain can see that. The fact that the Appeals court ruled in favor of Perry and the state shows how far right extremist our court system and Texas has become.
Perry continues to complain about and fight against Federal interference in State and private agendas, but here in Texas as our Governor, Rick Perry believes he is King with divine rights and the court has just reaffirmed his belief. Something stinks like week old fish, deep in the heart of Texas.

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