Friday, August 10, 2012

Republicans become indignant to Obama's immigration policy

In response to the indignation, "Texas Republicans decry Obama order, call it 'amnesty'"...
It's nice to see that the Texas GOP has a sense of humor. Here in Texas our own beloved Governor Rick Perry has for many years been offering amnesty and free education to sons and daughters of illegal immigrants.
Now that President Obama is planning amnesty via free education on a national level it sets off the whining of the Texas GOP.
Americans should not add free education to the long list of what we taxpayers are shelling out to illegals and their children, e.g., health and social services, etc. If we Americans tried to get the same services in Mexico illegally we would be thrown in jail and/or sent back to the US. Both Democrats AND Republicans are guilty of doing the same thing and it is a huge cost to taxpayers.

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