Friday, August 10, 2012

More on Health Care Changes

In response to 7/27: “Health Care Changes in Progress” printed in the Austin Chronicle...
We are being told that Texans will receive “millions” in health care rebates and that this is such a great thing that is happening. While it’s nice to finally get something back from the health care industry it’s not that big a deal when looking at the industry as a whole during the past decade.
The rebate may sound like a lot, but the amount per person is merely 1 month's cost of a health care plan premium. In truth, we've been getting ripped off for years by the health care industry. The "millions" in rebates don't even put a dent in the absurdly high costs.

Add to that the fact that the special interest legislature enabled health care companies to increase their premiums for ANY reason and in less than the previously normal "every 6 months" and we can see that little has changed for Texans in getting quality and AFFORDABLE health care.

The majority of Texans and Texas children remain WITHOUT real health care coverage because it is still unaffordable. In addition, most health plans do NOT totally cover the insured. Thousands of dollars more may be the patient's responsibility.

Today, the major cause of individual bankruptcy is due to unaffordable health care bills.

This token gesture rebate does little to change the facts re: unaffordable health care costs in Texas.

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