Friday, August 10, 2012

GOP too stupid and self-destructive to win National Election?

Perhaps being too arrogant, waving a red-neck mentality and blatantly not caring about the majority of Americans will seal the GOP’s doom in the upcoming November National Election. After all, “Stupid is as stupid does.”
The GOP doesn’t even have the sensibility to pretend it gives a damn about the majority of Americans. Just say you care and then after you win go on with the usual idiotic platforms and policies that will alienate more Americans from the once proud party of Dwight Eisenhower through the modern time of Ronald Reagan. The GOP today doesn’t have a clue on any meaningful direction to improve an ailing America. 
The GOP doesn’t care about public education, improving economic times for all Americans and providing affordable and quality health care to Americans who need and want it. How could such an out-of-touch party win the 2012 Presidential Election? It could win only if the majority of Americans are as stupid and mean-spirited as the leaders of the current GOP are.
The GOP is a proven no-winner and it will continue to lose in November 2012.

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