Friday, August 10, 2012

In response to the Austin American Statesman article, "Study calls for hiring 250 police personnel over next five years" 
Texans need to secure their cities and towns to ensure healthy growth, providing safe future homes for our children's children. One way we can do so is to use a small part of the Rainy Day Fund that Gov. Rick Perry and his merry band of legislators continue to guard from use, apparently presuming that one day it will all be needed to rebuild Noah's Ark when the great flood returns. 
Use some common sense. Austin property taxes rose 38 percent in the past decade. We can't keep adding taxes for homeowners to bear.
A smart way to provide the police and fire security we need over time is to use a small part of the Rainy Day Fund and stop politicians from hanging the slush fund threateningly over our heads and the heads of opposing forces whenever it works for them to do so.

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