Wednesday, May 27, 2015

another rainy day...

It seems endless this year, rain every day.  They closed some of the roads near us.  With the new rains, many more people will become homeless.  There are more missing and found dead every day now.  It’s getting scary and I’m wondering if I should start building an ark, or a boat or something.  it could get there.  Rain, winds, tornadoes...
Guess you’ll get these storms today or tomorrow.  We’ve had 6 years of drought and now more than one year of consistent rain.  The weather has become relentless, extreme and often ruthless for all of us, which ironically seems to parody current human existence.
If I were religious, I would believe in God.  If I were a coward, I would run... but where?
I guess I don’t have to be religious to pray that the world finds itself, before it’s too late.

Random acts of kindness... harder to find those these days.  Maybe we all should view the weather as a sign for positive change?  It couldn’t hurt.  

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