Friday, May 15, 2015

The Ongoing Saga of Financing Public Education in Texas

Public Education in Texas

Public Education is NOT a priority for Texas Legislators.  Historically and currently... that's a fact!
The Texas Legislature is bound by the Texas Constitution to provide a quality public education for Texas children.  Perhaps what is needed here is a definition of a "quality education" and how much is required to provide it.
More and more each year, the Texas Legislature has diverted its constitutional responsibility onto local governments to provide the financing.  The local governments in turn have oppressed homeowners to provide those dollars. 
Roughly 80 percent of property taxes goes to finance public education.
That's just not right.
If the Legislature does NOT want Public Education then it needs to privatize education, but it must change the Texas Constitution to do that and the public needs to approve it in a public referendum.

Until that time, the State must adequately finance Public Education, which currently it is not doing.

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