Thursday, June 25, 2015

Jeb and Donald... barking at the people

In Response: rainmakers are selling folks what they want to hear...
Neither Jeb! nor The Donald will win the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination.
Both are too obtuse for the American people. The Don is too grandiose and acts too much like a carnival barker, while Jeb is too liberal for the good of the people.  The GOP will NOT support either of these two.
That said, I like a lot of what Trump is throwing out at the American people, but he has yet to say HOW he would do the things he is telling us he wants to do.

To be honest, the GOP has yet to have a candidate that would offer A REAL option to Hillary Clinton.

And the most scary thing is how inept, unprofessional, willful, arrogant, entitled and dishonest Hillary Clinton has been and still is and yet the American people will vote for her over any current GOP candidate.

All this does NOT bode well for the American people.

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