Saturday, July 27, 2013

Will the South Rise Again?

Another Civil War anyone?

Most of the "red" states have been or are fighting for a Voter Photo ID Card that will make voters in the respective states show the card in order to vote.

Recently, by a 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court determined to strike down part of the Voter Law that enables states to bypass a previous decision against a Voter Photo ID Card.  Previously it was deemed unconstitutional and "racist" to demand that voters must show the card at polls.

As soon as the vote was in, Texas approved the Voter Photo ID Card and now Attorney General Eric Holder is demanding that the Federal Court in San Antonio, Texas, requires Texas to ask for Federal permission prior to changing any Voter laws.

Holder sites as his reasoning that Texas has been one of "those states" that has had "racist issues" in its past and therefore, to ensure voting integrity, must seek Federal permission, a.k.a., oversight, before changing ANY of its Voter laws.

Texas, along with Alabama, Wisconsin, Montana, Mississippi and several other "red" states is being "targeted" by Holder and the Obama administration for their respective changes in Voter laws.

Not surprising to anyone, neither side is willing to give an inch on this issue and it is sure to come to a head eventually.  Will the South rise again in this fight?  Texas Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott declares that Texas will win this battle.

It's going to be an interesting fight as both sides are gearing up for a prolonged  battle in the courts.

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