Thursday, July 18, 2013

Get rid of the [Texas] School Board of Education

 School Board members are "irked" by the new school laws approved by the legislature.

The SBOE should "irk" all Texans and should be dissolved. The Board should NOT be empowered to make rules for all Texas school districts. The SBOE is little more than a politically motivated stopping ground for some of the most unintelligent individuals who then push for their special interest whims.

Place the management of Texas public education in the hands of each district to control themselves. Central governing seldom works. Perry and Texas legislators don't want Washington to tell us what to do, but we're okay with the centralist SBOE to govern and control all Texas school districts? Really?

We keep government out of controlling businesses in Texas, but we won't let schools control themselves?

Get rid of the SBOE and let school districts manage themselves. School-Based Management really works better.

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