Monday, July 1, 2013

re: Central Texas Roadways: the bottleneck grows...

Central Texas roadways need to be dealt with more intelligently. Bottlenecks on main roads are horrific and could be resolved easily if Austin, TxDOT and Department of Public Safety really wanted to.

MOPAC at known points needs to be widened, enabling a more even and consistent flow. The coming 2 toll lanes in the center of MoPac will do little to resolve many of the issues. It is merely a special interest toll road project placebo.

An underpass or overpass is needed on MoPac at Slaughter Lane [like the one at MoPac and William Cannon Rd].

Capital of Texas Hwy., a.k.a., 360, needs side roads to be closed and traffic lights removed so that it becomes a true highway. Locals don't like the idea, but tough. It would create a consistent flow as a highway should have, instead of stop and go traffic jams.

Many local traffic issues could be resolved simply by re-timing traffic lights. It should be done post-haste, e.g., William Cannon Rd., Slaughter Lane, West Hwy 290 where there are lights, Hwy. 71, Hwy. 620, Brodie Lane and the list goes on and on.
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