Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rick Perry Marches On... to a 3rd Special Session

Rick Perry is demanding a 3rd Special Session.  Each of these cost taxpayers a minimum of $2 million.  It's amazing that we can't find money to finance public education, reduce property taxes or to build roadways, but Perry sure has enough money to piss it away on his not-so Special Sessions.

And it's not the first time Perry wastes our tax dollars on not-so Special Sessions.  Maybe 8 years ago he called for 3 Special Sessions to try to get a controversial redistricting map approved.  It never happened and finally the courts determined a map that has been batted around in the legislature and the courts to this day.

In fact, Perry has wasted more of our tax dollars on not-so Special Sessions than any previous Texas Governor.  We need to point that out to the American people when Perry begins his Presidential run, among all his other idiosyncrasies that could further destroy our nation.

A major issue that many people in Texas don't seem to understand is that those in charge of the GOP here are NOT the majority of the party. They are extremists, not the core of the Party.

While I have been a Republican since the Eisenhower administration, back in the 1950's, I am not in synch with the current GOP in Texas. The Tea Party appears to be in charge here, at least for a short time, but I believe the majority of Republicans are not on the same platform.

Consequently, there is a schism in the GOP of its members and that is a big reason why the Party can't pass bills, bonds, what have you, easily.

I believe that very soon there will be a coup within the Texas GOP. It has to happen because the GOP as it is today is useless. Most of what it tries to do is unconstitutional, so because of this, the Party then tries to add amendments to change the laws to permit its absurd direction.

At best, the Texas GOP is ineffective.  At worst, it is a corrupt and cancerous tumor.

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