Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Texas Tolling Mentality Continues...

Despite the fact that gasoline tax revenue is diverted to other special interests and also that Gov. Perry and the Texas Legislature refuse to permit the increase of the tax to allow for inflation (as they apparently do permit for yearly toll road increases) the primary focus on building roadways is on developing more and more toll roadways, which truly does NOT help with traffic congestion. 
This is unconscionable. 
Furthermore, there is no regulation for the increase of tolls at any given time and once the toll road is paid for, the tolls usually remain. This is NOT a legacy we want to leave for our children's children. 
The ruling GOP cries out against new taxes, but what are tolls if not new taxes? 
Even if drivers opt NOT to use the toll roads goods and services will increase accordingly as toll costs will be diverted onto customers. Consequently, 
I urge all Texans to avoid using toll roads, but also they should contact legislators to stop tolling insanity.

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