Thursday, November 29, 2012

Costly Roadways Impacting Texas Hill Country Landscape

The move is underway to rip apart our scenic Hill Country in order to provide large profits for developers and road companies from which they may toss some back to elected officials via perks and campaign contributions.
The new road proposals essentially carve up much of our open lands and break up our private properties to new and unsustainable growth patterns. The corrupt process of appointing designated associates by County Commissioners comprising persons with already-voiced interests in either building roads or being involved in development, who then sit down and decide for the rest of the citizens (and LANDOWNERS) of this County what should happen to their lives is undemocratic, blatantly contemptible and should not be tolerated.

Most people know little or nothing about these new proposed roads, and there has been NO PUBLIC INTEREST in building more roads. Instead, it is a top-down bogus process of handing over public tax money to private entities in the form of road contracts and eventual housing and commercial development.
Our lands and our lifestyle must not for sale, nor open to controlled special interest decisions about where increased vehicular traffic, overpopulation and additional air and noise pollution should be directed and how.

Local news media along with community residents must rise up together as a giant tsunami of protest. 

We recognize that the County is growing and that we must make improvements to our roads, but not this way.

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