Thursday, November 15, 2012

Another Israel-Gaza War...

In response to the 11/14/12 NY Times editorial “Another Israel-Gaza War?” provokes a simple question....
During the past 50 years, how many peace agreements and cease fires have there been between Israel and its neighbors?  
The answer is “too many to recall” and all of them have resulted in further attacks. Israel did not initiate the renewed attacks, but Arab nations did.  The Arab nations will never accept the state of Israel and they continue to dismiss Israel’s right to be in the Middle East. 
While it is true that the development of Israel was pushed onto Arab homelands back in 1948 via Western persistence and protection, the surrounding neighbors continue to view Israel as an intruder, a new state that was created without their approval.   The hatred and animosity prevalent in the Middle East against Israel will never be resolved peacefully.  History has proven that Israel will have to take any means possible to keep its state and to protect its survival.  While the rest of the world may not approve of Israel’s aggressive methods, they also have not “walked a mile in Israel’s shoes.”

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