Monday, November 5, 2012

Texas Leading the Battle for Religious Omnipotence

Simply put, the Tea Party crumpets and the Religious Right zealots are maneuvering for power and control mostly for the next Presidential Election in 2016. They are making strides and already have power and clout in most of the 'red' states. They are trying to get into Washington to eventually make Federal changes in how state may gain more power to take control over our lives.

Here in Texas, Gov. Rick Perry and Attorney General Abbott encourage giving power to the extremists and offer protection to the 2 forces gaining control over our lives. It should be obvious --- but not in Texas --- that the Christian religion has no business in government or in public education, nor in dictating how the majority of us live our lives. I wonder how these good Christians would feel if we pushed Judaism as the powerful religion and political entity?

Let's hope the Supreme Court of the US maintains the true separation of Church and State. If not, we will continue to lose our precious rights and freedoms in favor of one religion surpassing everything and everyone. The last time the Church had so much power it supported the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition.

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