Friday, February 17, 2012

Rick Perry's latest scam: creating a Super PAC


12:42 on 17 February 2012
Texas Gov. Perry has $270,000 left over from the $20 Million he collected from campaigning for President.  While it's sitting in a bank account, Perry already has considered his options on what to do with that money.  He now wants to start a Super PAC.  He is asking federal officials whether he can use the money to created a Super Political Action Committee.  Real slick move, "tricky" Ricky.


The reason Perry wants to develop his Super PAC is because of several reasons:
  • It enables him to stay in a position to run again for the Presidency in 2016
  • Unlike regular campaign committees, Super PACs are permitted to collect UNLIMITED campaign contributions from individuals, unions, associations and corporations
  • Super PACs are more loosely regulated than regular PACs and other campaign committees.
It is a very slick way for Perry to manipulate the public and law so that he can accept large donations while not having the legal responsibility for the committee.  It is a win-win effort for the Governor.  Let's not forget that Perry can raise a lot of money from a few of his wealthy Texas supporters.

Anyway, Texans won't be spared by Perry's rule for a long time, as the Governor receives his current annual salary of $240,000 which he gets a portion from his actual salary and from an active retirement provision permitted by Texas law.

Out of sheer spite, Texas voters should get rid of Rick Perry in 3 years when his current term expires.  The incentives are that Texans deserve a more qualified Governor and one they will pay almost half the salary for.

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