Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More on the Texas Sonogram Law and Government Interference in Our Daily Lives

I received an email from a local editor who responded to the new Texas sonogram law. He stated, the law is "good news for the unborn, my friend." I asked him who would pay for and take care of the unborn that women did not want to take care of themselves after they were born? 

Would the state cover the costs with his taxes? What about the unborn who developed because of a rape? Should women be forced to have the child?

And finally, if the editor is a Republican, doesn't he believe in less government interference into our daily lives? Certainly, the sonogram law provides more government control over our lives and reduces / eliminates the rights of the individual.

Abortion is a topic on which virtually every person has an strong opinion and belief. There is no shortage of commentary. Unfortunately, just as with most other issues, too many people have extremist views. The extremist religious and/or right faction believe in absolutely no abortions no matter what. The extremist left wants open abortions and then wants the state to pay for them. Once upon a time there was a majority centered grouping that enabled some flexibility and underscores the rights of the individual to make up one's own mind.

Unfortunately, Texas is under the long-time rule of a Governor who believes he has the divine right of a King to decide what is best for everyone based on the needs and desires of his wealthy and influential special interests who support him. It's called an elitist and wealthy oligarchy.

Rick Perry should be a done deal in Texas after his moronic and failed quest for the Holy Grail of the U.S. Presidency; however, Perry has already started his movement for reelection in 3 years or for another presidential run in 2016. He already says that he will fight against taxes here in Texas. He's been saying that for the past 10 years, but Texans pay one of the highest property taxes in the nation. Texas is 2nd only to Florida in paying the highest home insurance premiums. Texas is one of the last of total states to provide the financing for a quality public education. The list goes on and on.

While there probably won't be a majority resolution on abortion in the State of Texas for a very long time, if ever, the role of government interference into our daily lives must be stopped. Government has taught us that very few programs and social laws under its control are beneficial for the majority of Texans. Furthermore, government control undermines and reduces the rights of each and every Texan.

It is very interesting that while our Governor and Legislature publicly demand that the Federal government stays out of our state business, those same complainers have no problem interfering into the daily lives of its citizens. Not only is that hypocritical, it is downright wrong!

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