Thursday, February 23, 2012

More Texas Toll Roads?


09:29 on 23 February 2012
Please contact Senator John Cornyn and your Texas Senators and House Reps. to contest additional toll roads throughout Texas.

Feel free to use the brief letter I sent:
To Whom It May Concern: 
As you may know, Sen. John Cornyn addressed the Texas Transportation Forum last Friday and lobbied for the sale of our sovereign Texas public roads to private corporations in PPPs (that result in toll rates as high as 75 cents PER MILE, the equivalent of adding $15 to every gallon of gas we buy!). 
Texans cannot afford additional toll taxes as a part of their daily living expenses. We do not need nor want more toll roads, especially on our free roads already paid for with our tax dollars. 
Please apply your efforts and find alternative means to finance the building and maintenance of our roadways. It would be better to ensure that all our fuel taxes go towards the purpose they were intended --- to pay for building and maintaining Texas roads. 
Thank you.


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