Sunday, November 14, 2010

Texas considers dropping Medicaid

Texas Gov. Rick Perry agrees it's a good idea

However, this is little more than political game-playing and passing the buck

by Peter Stern

Texas is one of several states considering to drop Medicaid. If the state drops Medicaid will Medicare be far behind? And then, will the state consider dropping public education so it can save money? Each such consideration is "penny-wise and pound foolish" as the saying goes. This is just political posturing, or at least I hope it is --- or it is a death wish.

If the state stops Medicaid, taxpayers and/or those with their own private medical coverage inevitably will pay even more in the next few years after Medicaid is stopped to deal with those formerly on the program.

Unless the governor and legislators also have a plan to exterminate everyone and his/her family currently receiving Medicaid, there must be another viable solution for the Medicaid population and I, for one, am "all ears" to hear about it. Otherwise, stop the BS and make the budget allowances that are needed to continue the Medicaid Program.

That stated, I am all for eliminating the rampant fraud in the Medicaid system. No doubt there are many receiving benefits who should NOT be getting them. Many receive more compensation in money and services than they should be getting. So, change the application process to weed-out the deadwood and also be sure to trim the fat and deception in the program --- which leads me to one question: Why are college students being permitted to get food stamps under the Medicaid Program? There are many such absurdities inherent in the system that must be investigated and resolved.

Don't talk about ending the Medicaid Program WITHOUT first determining what the state will do with the population currently receiving benefits. Eliminating Medicaid will ensure that the people and their families on it currently will go to hospitals as needed without ANY coverage and the huge cost will be picked up by the medical industry who in turn will increase the cost of private medical insurance to cover that mega cost.

Then taxpayers will have to carry the cost of the former Medicaid population in providing food, clothing and shelter for them. Otherwise, the former Medicaid population will all live on the streets, increase the number of beggars around us, and crime will escalate as the former Medicaid population tries to survive. In addition to increased crime, diseases will flourish as the former Medicaid population no longer receive inoculations previously provided under Medicaid. The majority of the state's population will live in fear and under political, economic and social chaos. Is that what we really want? [rhetorical question]

Ending Medicaid is a terrible idea unless there is a better idea out there to deal with the current population receiving those benefits. The idea, or lip-service, being given to end the Medicaid Program is just more political game playing and passing the buck so that our leaders don't look as bad as they really are.

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  1. We are still politically at opposite ends. We have left-driven gung-ho Liberals and right-driven righteous Conservatives; there is no grounded or centered convergence. Whatever happened to the middle ground of politics, economics and social action? All we have left are teetering Democrats and Republicans, each ready to fall-off opposite sides of the road we are all traveling. Consequently, we live in altered realities with hell to pay for that option. Take a walk in the middle of the road for a change of pace.