Saturday, January 8, 2011

Help Wanted: Good Leaders

Corrupted Government is Killing our Nation

by Peter Stern

It is true that we need better leaders in all areas in government and private industry, but where have all the good leaders gone?

Here in Texas TxDOT will be as good as the Governor and his appointed commissioner will let it. Rick Perry's "visionary" leadership for roadways was/is the Trans Texas Corridor and toll roads throughout the state. Bad ideas that include long-term debt, providing 50 to 70 year sweetheart contracts to private firms and letting the companies take 80 percent back off the top of revenue from tolls. We need rational officials who determine realistic and alternative solutions,

That's NOT visionary, that's corrupt capitalism when you get mega contributions and perks for selecting toll privatization of our new and existing public roadways.

Legislators also need to unfreeze the gasoline tax that hasn't been raised in at least 10 years and to stop diverting gas tax revenues to other interests, e.g., the Department of Public Safety and institutions of higher learning. Gas tax revenue should be used to build and maintain our roadways as was intended when the fund was set up. The diversionary tactics are part of our problem with financing roadways.

The TxDOT Commission is another office that should be selected by the people of Texas, as they should vote for the Commissioner of the Texas Department of Insurance, We may still inadvertently vote in corrupt leaders, but at least the people will have a say in who runs the show. Right now the Governor and his collective appointees rule.

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