Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Texas Legislators Prepare to Pass Voter ID Bill

by Peter Stern

The Voter ID bill is a stupid, STUPID waste of time and energy.   Voter fraud is NOT a major problem as the GOP would like us to think.

Why aren't Governor Rick Perry, Lt. Governor Dewhurst illegals and legislators working as hard to demand ID's for hiring people to stop from working here? And why aren't they making sure that they are providing the legal tools to enforce our immigration laws? Why are we paying for illegals to get educated and provide social services to them while turning our backs on our own citizens? [all rhetorical questions]

Nothing ever changes in Texas politics. Elected and appointed officials are forever catering to the wealthy corporate sector and individuals. We all are at the mercy of the corporate oligarchy that has bought the best state, national and local governments their money can buy.

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