Monday, November 1, 2010

Campaign Contributions Continue to Contort and Destroy America's Representative Democracy

Supreme Court Tenders Its Verdict FOR the Wealthy Corporate Sector

by Peter Stern

This year, thanks to the radical [NOT conservative] Supreme Court ruling, that corporations and unions have a 1st Amendment right [free-speech] to make unlimited contributions to influence elections. The ruling permits and encourages wealthy corporate and private donors to provide significant contribution to any groups or individuals active in battleground races.

Knowingly or unknowingly, Americans are on their knees. The America we once knew has almost vanished.

Uncapped campaign contributions, a.k.a., buying our government, is destroying the remnants of our representative democracy. Former President Dwight D. Eisenhower, one of the last great Republicans, tried to warn us in his Farewell Address re: the Military/Industrial Complex and its potential greed and corruption.

Eisenhower was correct but the American people didn't listen. Now, with our great Middle Class almost extinct, we have but a small and detached voice in how our government operates and manages our direction. Soon, there will be no voice at all. The Supreme Court made a with its decision that will cost our great grandchildren dearly. The management of the United States of America is a non-representative oligarchy and corruptive influences flourish.

Unless Americans step-up in a united front in a last-ditch effort to save ourselves from tyrannical rule, our nation will go the way of the wooly mammoth and dinosaurs. Already those in charge have re-sculpted our once-great and honorable nation and we are on our way to becoming slaves to a corrupt empire driven by the Military/Corporate regime, that President Eisenhower feared would raise its ugly head. The depressed economy is a giant signal of what is yet to come.

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