Sunday, October 31, 2010

There's a Stake Driven Deep in the Heart of Texas

a tiny glimpse of Texican reality

by Peter Stern

Governor Rick Perry will win again simply because Texans bought into a vision that isn't really there. Say what you will about Perry, but the man knows how Texans think. Look at the documented history during Perry's 3 terms as Governor and you will see the reality that is hidden from public view: the special interest driven Perry who is adept at using smoke screens and mirrors to perform his magic.

In truth, neither Democrats or Republicans are worthy of the leadership position voters have provided them. Third parties don't have enough clout to win major elections in this state or nationwide.

Texas is stuck in a carefully constructed veiled perspective of daily life and irresponsible politics that will remain in the darkened shadows for at least another 4 years, perhaps forever. To see clearly you must want to see what is in front of your eyes.

Texans will be driving a long toll road to reignite their freedom. It is going to be a long, bumpy and expensive ride.

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