Saturday, October 16, 2010

Let's all thank Governor Rick Perry

Do Texans really want to reelect this guy?

by Peter Stern

Texans should send Perry packing.

During his campaign for reelection Governor Rick Perry is fond of saying what he has done to make Texas one of the best places to live in the nation. However, there may be more reasons for Texans NOT to reelect incumbent Perry and here are a small sample:

  1. Texans homeowners pay the 2nd highest insurance premiums in the nation (Florida is #1)
  2. Texas is near the bottom of the list of all states in providing a quality public education for our children
  3. Texas is one of the top five in home closing costs: Average Texas closing costs $4,708 National Average closing cost $3,741
  4. Since Perry pushed for deregulation of electricity rates Texans pay one of the highest costs in the nation
  5. Since Perry lobbied for deregulation of higher education tuition many colleges and universities have raised tuition at least 4 times
  6. Perry proudly and incorrectly tells Texans that he recruited companies and new jobs to Texas but the truth falls far short of his numbers, e.g., despite receiving large tax breaks and exemptions the new Toyota plant in San Antonio fell significantly short of hiring the number of Texans it had promised.

Texans should review the facts instead of listening to Perry's own grandiose summary of his 3 terms in office. The truth will show that Perry has done little to improve the lives of the majority of Texans. It's time to elect a different candidate, one who will work in the best interests of the Texas community.

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