Saturday, October 2, 2010

THE U.S. ECONOMY: Don’t worry; it’s only a mild recession…

It’s only a temporary problem…

The economy is improving slowly…

by Peter Stern

Lies, all lies. We are in a deep depression. Only the stupid or greedy believe otherwise.

It is NOT "only a technicality" as it has been hurting homeowners big-time. Most foreclosures can be avoided with some "creative" planning by banks and mortgage companies. I have been writing for at least 3 years that government and the business sector should be working together to develop incentives that enable the creation of new jobs. Approx. 15 MILLION Americans are without jobs!!! How do you justify that? (rhetorical)

There is no justification for permitting the current job crisis along with the permitting of employers to manipulate the market, creating a hell for potential and current employees, permitting cutting jobs and forcing employees to work the jobs of two employees while getting paid for less than one employee.

This is an atrocity that our President and Congress refuse to change. It is changing the job market. Businesses still are outsourcing and building plants overseas that hire cheap labor at a huge cost to American citizens and taxpayers. The majority of us are screwed. It is affecting also the quality of work being done, e.g., the Toyota recalls, the GM forced bankruptcy after accepting Government bailouts, the glutted housing market hiring lower-level workers without much oversight, etc., etc., etc.

It is NOT merely "a technicality that will improve" as all these issues have far-reaching domino-effects throughout many areas of business and American lives.

And the worst thing is that people shrug it off, saying things like: "It's only temporary." or, "It is not as bad as people think." or some other such nonsense. What is going on is a HUGE statement of what is happening in this nation and if it is not stopped soon, there will be no return to any sort of "normalcy," as the U.S. cannot remain a democracy without a large working middle class that shares in the good times of business profits. That means having jobs and being able to retain homes.

There is chaos all around us and only the stupid or greedy refuse to see it.

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