Thursday, September 30, 2010

Illegal Immigration and the Monster in the Closet

by Peter Stern

Many people complain about how illegals are being treated, especially now that Arizona has developed new state laws that enable enforcement of immigration laws.  Texas is the largest state that is implementing a fingerprint recognition system to verify whether a person is illegal.  The program approved is to check the fingerprints of all prisoners when incarcerated to check for any illegals who are criminals. I imagine that rather than have taxpayers provide the money to house illegals in our jails they will be deported.  Many cry-out "foul" to that system and believe it to infringe on the rights of illegals.

No it is not "enough" and no matter what is said and how people and civil rights activists try to say it and convince people, illegal immigrants ARE ILLEGAL.

What would happen if more American citizens went overseas and entered various nations there or to Mexico and Canada to live and work illegally? Would they be permitted to work and live in those nations? Would they be provided health and social services? No! They would be expelled or imprisoned.

There are U.S. immigration laws that for decades have not been enforced. It is the major reason why there are so many illegals living and working here.

That silly statement we hear all the time that illegals do the work Americans won't do is nonsense. There are 15 million unemployed Americans who would love to get a job, ANY job. Illegals are paid a lot less to do those jobs and THAT's the reason they are hired over Americans.

In addition, too many illegals come to the U.S. and try to make Americans adhere to the customs and language of their nation of origin instead of assimilating American culture, learning English, becoming legal citizens, etc., etc. If you move to a nation you should be ready to live that culture. You may of course practice the language and customs of your previous nation, but learn those of the U.S.

It is long overdue that we enforce our immigration laws and/or to update the immigration laws and enforce those so that they work better for the U.S., specifically, for American citizens.

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