Friday, November 5, 2010

Prognosis for the Future

Some last words from me...

by Peter Stern

We have come to the point where there is little hope for the populace. It is going to be a long, bitter cold Winter for many people.

For too many decades Americans have been too complacent. They have permitted their leaders to manipulate the system for the benefit of wealthy special interests. It is now too late to do anything, as neither party learns from its own history and the beat goes on.

All we have is an ongoing political ping pong match, which sees power shifting from one party to another, but nothing tangible occurs so that all Americans may take part in our nation's glory and successes which are now provided only to the wealthy chosen few.

I have been writing almost daily for the past decade on various issues and I plan to stop. It has been a long, frustrating series of events that have culminated in my acknowledgment that there is little we can do to change things. Former President Dwight D. Eisenhower was correct in his warning of the pending doom of Democracy by the arrogant and greedy Industrial/Military Complex, which has shifted to the Corporate/Military Complex.

Without a strong and prospering Middle Class our representative democracy is lost and we will never get it back short of another massive rebellion by the people. The people do not have the means to win in such an attempt because the Corporate/Military Complex is too strong.

So, it will be the survival of the fittest again for most Americans who have become second-rate citizens in their own nation. Thirty years ago few would have considered that our proud nation would have evolved to this point. It is a damn shame we have permitted this to happen. I just want to wish all of you well in the difficult years to come.



  1. The only possibility to move from where we are stuck is for 99 percent of the population to vote for the Libertarian Party and knockout the Democrats and Republicans from power.

    Maybe by 2012 Americans will figure it out.

  2. And how long before the Libertarian Party becomes like the GOP and Dems? They will be bought as easily by the corporate sector.