Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wanted: New Texas Governor

Questioning Perry’s Truthfulness

by Peter Stern

Once a liar, always a liar?

Five years ago Texas Gov. Rick Perry put on his ten-gallon Stetson, saddled-up his taxpayer-paid plane and galloped all over the state lobbying to eliminate what he and his special interest health care industry called “frivolous medical malpractice lawsuits.”

Texans were promised that if they voted for this proposal, they soon would see a reduction in the costs of health care and medical related services.

Well, just as in the previous proposed amendment election where only 8 percent of all registered voters approved ALL 16 amendments, back in 2005 Perry and his "good ol’ boys" got what they wanted. Proposition 12 was approved and Texans were duped. Unfortunately, like him or not, Perry usually gets what he and his special interests want.

Looking at it 5 years later you don’t have to be an Einstein or brain surgeon to see that Perry was touting another pack of lies, just as he has done so many time, e.g., Proposed Amendment 15, a.k.a., the alleged "cure for cancer.”

Also 5 years ago Perry lobbied to deregulate higher education tuition, promising Texans that doing so would decrease the cost of a college education while making institutions more competitive. That proposition was approved also. After 4 successive tuition increases since the proposal was accepted, tuition costs are the highest ever in the state.

Gov. Rick Perry has a history of working for issues that benefit his wealthy campaign contributors while doing little for the majority of Texans. Thanks to Perry and a lackluster legislature, Today, Texans have cob webs in their wallets where they used to store their spending money.

By the way, I just got another letter from Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Texas telling me that they have to increase my family’s premium again and another notice from the University of Texas stating it regrets having to increase my children’s tuition!

Isn't it time to elect a different Texas Governor?

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