Sunday, May 30, 2010

DISASTER 2010: Gulf of Mexico Explosion and Oil Spill

a Case of Criminal Negligence and Homicide

by Peter Stern

Seems like no one wants to point fingers at those responsible for the catastrophe that occurred in the Gulf of Mexico, where 11 human lives were killed due to faulty, inadequate drilling equipment and unsatisfactory safety precautions. No one is stepping-up to tell the truth about the unknown quantity of crude oil spewing into the gulf waters. No one is discussing the very real possibility that there is another leak 5 miles from the publicized leak. The majority of the truth is being kept hidden as British Petroleum Corp. (BP) is trying to maneuver itself into a position to take "less of a hit" from pending lawsuits and astronomical costs that are sure to come.

The truth is out there. The truth is that BP is running away from its responsibility and trying to hide the premeditated intent to avert safety regulations that threatened the lives of all the crew on the Deepwater Horizon rig. That intent knowingly bypassed the safety regulations and measures needed to ensure the safety and protection of humans, sea wildlife and the ecosystem. Those entities at fault are BP, TransOcean (rig owner), Halliburton (performed cementing of the well seals at the bore hole), Cameron (blowout preventer manufacturer) and the Minerals Management Service (government agency in charge of oil drilling safety oversight).

Under the Public Information Act previously concealed BP documents have disclosed that all or some of the above companies knew that there were problems with well casings, the blowout preventer, pressure valves, oil riser and other potential issues and opted to circumvent ensuring the safety regulations and procedures to ensure ultimate safety of operations.

The documents show that BP knew of problems with the blowout preventer and several other issues, but the company did not apply all the safety maintenance, repair and further testing that should have been done. There is little doubt that with better supervision, repair and testing of the equipment the explosion and oil spill may have been avoided, as also the tragic deaths of the 11 crew members. All companies found guilty must be held accountable and all offshore drilling operations must be stopped immediately and unconditionally. The current tragic spill in the Gulf of Mexico is proof that offshore drilling is NOT safe for our world ecosystem.

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