Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Give Texas Gov. Rick Perry credit for high tuition costs

Time to get rid of Perry

by Peter Stern

During his 3 terms as Texas Governor Rick Perry has done many things to hurt the wallets of hard-working Texans. Texas children and their parents can thank special interest driven Gov. Rick Perry for unaffordable tuition costs.

In his reelection bid [Nov 2010], Perry is proclaiming himself to be the hero who will reduce tuition costs. Unfortunately, the reality is that Gov. Perry is a major cause of increased tuition. Isn't it enough that Perry and legislators make sure that higher education get a portion of our gasoline taxes and a substantial amount from the Texas Lotto revenue?

Is college for wealthy elitists only? The answer is, "We're getting there."

Three years ago Gov. Rick Perry and various legislators lobbied for their higher education special interests and approved the bill to deregulate tuition costs under the guise of creating free competition, which would result in lower costs.  He also lobbied to give the HPV vaccine to all young girls.

Since that time the University of Texas raised its tuition costs at least 4 times and other universities and colleges followed suit. Today, fewer Texas families can afford to send their children to college for a higher education degree, which once again ensure that degrees will be held by the children of wealthy families.

All children have the right to complete a higher-level education and become productive citizens despite the opposing efforts of Gov. Rick Perry, his special interests and wealthy lobbyists.

Thank Gov. Perry by NOT reelecting him in the November 2010 election!

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