Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Did Congress pass the healthcare bill for moral reasons or control of the populace?

by Peter Stern

There is little these days that is moral or ethical in Congress and the health care reform bill was approved to control the American people, to show some sort of "political correctness" and it was also approved to "shake the trees" a little so that the private sector of health providers will start to work together in providing citizens with more affordable health plans that offer more reasonable coverage for health problems and services.

The GOP is angry at the Democrats because the Obama administration pushed through the health care reform bill despite its complete and unanimous disapproval of the reform bill; however, the GOP was in majority power in Washington and throughout the nation for the past several presidential terms and during at least 8 years that party did absolutely nothing to reform health care so that more Americans are covered better with more affordable health care plans.

During that same time period the private health care sector, providers, have done nothing to propose changes to the current health care system so that more Americans are covered. Millions of children are wide open to a health care tragedy, since there are a significant number who are not covered, who do not have any health care coverage. A large number of Americans do not have any health care plan.

If Republicans and the private health care sector do not opt to make the changes needed to improve the current health care system, then someone else needs to take the first step and that first step was taken by the Obama administration and the Democratic Party. It's not good enough that the GOP and health care providers challenge and complain about the new legislation. If they don't like it they need to come up with what they consider to be a better more affordable system for the American people.

In addition, the reform plan will enable the government to control the American people and to demand that all Americans purchase health care plans by Year 2014. Many are stating that the new legislation is constitutionally illegal. In fact, the Governor of Texas Rick Perry and the Office of the State Attorney General Gregg Abbott are initiating a lawsuit against Congress to throw out the new reform legislation. Whether or not they and other state are successful, the battle ground is defined and it will be a long drawn-out fight in which everyone will lose. Health care has become a control mechanism for the government and health care providers, as is similar to the issue of illegal immigration is to the Federal and state governments and the business sector. Our government seems to wait forever to act responsibly and acts politically correct, but the ones who continue to hurt are the American people.

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