Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why the Tea Party Movement will fail

by Peter Stern

Initially the Tea Party Movement was a good idea to get people involved with political issues within their communities. The point was to meet in small local groups to discuss the important issues and to work together with legislators and others in searching for resolutions for problems and to work together to vote-in viable, ethical and responsible individuals to manage our direction at the national, state and local levels. It was a great idea. At first many people responded favorably to the Tea Party Movement; however, it soon became controlled and revamped by the very problems, individuals and groups the movement sought to resolve and/or remove.

The movement became a prime target of special interest politics and it was like a Panzer Movement that all but squelched the original Tea Party Movement. Even in Republican Texas, Governor Rick Perry started making appearances at local Tea Parties in the hope to show everyone what a great regular type of guy he is so that he could manipulate the parties and suck-up more votes for his reelection bid in November 2010. Soon, other Republican and Democratic candidates across the nation started invading and changing the platform of the Tea Parties to encourage contributions and to promote their special interest candidates as well as the reelection of many incumbents who, quite honestly, should step down and let someone else perform the job in the best interest of the community at-large.

When the Tea Party Movement first began many people thought this would be the way to gain local momentum to get rid of the deadwood incumbents who continue to rule at all levels of politics and who have the corporate and wealthy special interest financial muscle to approve legislation and future direction in the interests of the wealthy corporate sector. However, once the initial movement evolved the very politicos who were being challenged by the Tea Party Movement started similar Tea Party Movements of their own. Many believed that this effort was planned to stymie and crush the real movement and in truth the plan was quite successful. The original Tea Party Movement and its real purpose were frozen and the true effort slowed down.

Similar networking efforts occurred with FaceBook, Twitter and other avenues of communication that originally were developed as a means for the common people to stay in touch with one another while sharing all sorts of information. Pretty soon politicians and action groups began invading the Internet and all these other communication networking systems as the last several national elections proved that the Internet and other network systems were the next generation of getting votes and reaching out for campaign contributions, which would translate into reaching more people, attaining more money and winning elections.

Originally, the Tea Party Movement was one of the more creative concepts and positive avenues of communication that sought to enhance the community's involvement in providing legitimate information, to vote-in good and viable political candidates, to generate volunteering efforts and to makeover the entire political system as a more positive experience and awareness for the populace; however, the Tea Party Movement already is on its way to failure because the true cause of the movement was hijacked by the very vermin it was created to eliminate. In short, the original Tea Party Movement was a good idea turned bad and as such it is a failure; however, the current Tea Party theme will continue as long as those in power find it a valuable tool for controlling the populace, pushing party platforms, gaining more votes and encouraging monetary contributions that lead to winning more elections.

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