Sunday, April 4, 2010

printed in The Baltimore Chronicle, "The 8th Wonder of the World"



The 8th Wonder of the World... Dubai?

by Peter Stern
Take a look at what Middle East oil income is buying. You will be amazed.
While Americans and our neighbors around the globe are scratching their heads wondering why they're paying so much for gas and oil, OPEC member nations are rubbing their hands in glee. Oil barons have more money than they know what to do with. However, those in Dubai, one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on the Arabian Peninsula, have uses for that money.

Want to know what projects are being built there with Mid-East oil income?
Nakheel is the wealthy development company that is "playing God" by building the Earth, complete with seas, continents, countries, cities, islands, etc., and also is building two Palm Tree islands—each "palm" comprised of many islands—and will house conveniences and fantasies that will rival more traditional world-renowned resorts.
Click on the links below and see it all for yourself. For those of you who may be more adventurous and [of course] wealthy, you will have the information to book your rooms and/or to purchase your own continent, nation and/or city/island of The World
Another project that already has been built and almost completed are The Palm Islands, also off the coast of Dubai.

These projects are huge ventures that will beget wealthy oil lords much more wealth; yet at the same time, you have to marvel at and admire the ingenuity and enormous scope of the projects. When you visit either of the links be sure to click on the developer tab to take the virtual tour and also watch some of the other videos. You will be amazed.
Even the advertising and videos are top-notch and costly. The two ventures will provide additional easy access for wealthy world entrepreneurs to come to UAE to do business, relax and spend lots of money in a whole other type of Disneyland adventure.
So—if you've been wondering where your gasoline dollars are going and why we're spending more and more on oil, this is sure to open your eyes.

Peter Stern of Driftwood, TX, a former Director of Information Services, university professor and public school administrator, is a political writer well-known and published frequently throughout the Texas community and nationwide. He is a Disabled Vietnam Veteran and holds three post-graduate degrees. You may contact Peter Stern at:

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