Wednesday, April 7, 2010

printed in many media, re: 2010 Census Survey

2010 Census Survey:  Is the Census Senseless?

Real Need or Imagined?  Accurate, or Riddled With Bigotry and Privacy Issues?
Every 10 years we are told by our leadership that the census survey is on the way and that we must fill it out and return it post haste because it will improve government spending on various programs.  The 2010 Census Survey will be sent out to Americans in March and is due completed by the middle of April.

But, do these census surveys actually do what they are supposed to?  Are they truly needed by our government to improve services and curb needless or wasteful expenditures?  In actuality, the census is nonsense.  The questions tend to push people into groupings that make it easier for government identification.  They divide Hispanics into various categories:  Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Dominican, etc.  If you’re white you are Caucasian, no matter where you were born.  Fair?  Who says the census is fair --- or kind.

Are you an immigrant?  If so, are you illegal or legal?  These days… does it matter?

In reality, survey questions seem intrusive, discriminatory and in reality may do little for the proposed/supposed reasons they were created.  Bottom-line, census surveys have privacy issues and they may be racist.

If we are citizens and we are legal, are we not all Americans?   Shouldn’t we all be categorized as Americans?  But no, we are being asked to pick a label so our government can mark down what we are.  Why?  It needs info for current and proposed government programs?  What programs are we talking about?  After all, government programs are working wonders these days for all Americans, aren’t they? 

For example, the government program developed to help Americans keep their homes and return from foreclosures is a bust.  More homeowners are losing their homes and companies like Bank of America sign agreements with homeowners to let them keep the homes and properties out of foreclosure, but then go ahead and foreclose anyway.  So, what does the government tell those homeowner?  They are told to file lawsuits against Bank of America.  That’s a government program to help people?

If REAL census surveys actually are required, the current ones should be revised and updated to reflect REAL needs by government for more honest determination of projected programs and other miscellaneous issues.  If our government really wants to obtain a census of people living and working in this nation, then do it right.

Make your own determination.  To review the survey questions and other survey information online, go to:

Good thing the Census comes only once every 10 years.

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