Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How to Guides: Tips on breaking in a baseball glove

printed on Helium.com, Tips on breaking in a baseball glove

There are several ways to break in a new baseball glove, which have not changed much since the game was invented in England back in 1774 when it was called the "Game of Rounders".

The very best way to break in anything is to use it a lot; consequently, the best way to break in a tough leathered, never used baseball glove is to get on out there and "Play Ball!" The more you play, the more the glove will break in. After each use it is best to rub in some linseed oil all over the outside of the glove to clean it and soften it some more. Doing this as often as possible still is the best way to break in a baseball glove.

The next best method is to find a buddy to play catch with, every day. Just keep on throwing the ball to each other and the more you do that the more the glove will soften and will start to break in. The 3rd method is to take a baseball and place it deep into the pocket, then take another baseball and place it into the large webbing in between the thumb and forefinger (the finger closest to the thumb) and then close sides together and tie them with a smooth piece of rope or cord. After a while the glove will take the shape of the ball(s) and will soften. The more you do this the quicker the glove will break in.

Years ago when I played semi-professional baseball there was a second baseman I knew who had what I thought was a most peculiar method of breaking in a baseball glove. He would step on the baseball diamond and throw his glove into the dirt. Then he would pick it up and throw it down into the dirt again as hard as he could. He would stoop down, grab some dirt and actually rub it into the leather. After doing this twenty times or so, he would start kicking the glove all around the dirt in the infield. He did this every day for an hour or so until he liked the feel of the glove. I'm not kidding about this. In fact, the team nicknamed the player "Dusty" for all his efforts.

Breaking in a glove takes a lot of work no matter which way you determine to do it. However long it takes, the result will be great and quickly and you will have a baseball glove to wear for a long time. I still have a glove I used 20 years ago and I can't throw it away because it still fits my hand in a way that no other glove could fit.

So, no matter if you select a sane way or Dusty's crazy way to break in your baseball glove, you will have it and enjoy it for a very long time.

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