Thursday, January 8, 2015

Texas Gov.-Elect Greg Abbott Cons the Masses

Gov-elect Greg Abbott talks a good game, but he is like so many Conservatives when it comes to picking and choosing what rights they want to defend and when they want to defend them. 

As soon as the oil companies are permitted to and want to take our
lands for mineral and oil rights, or when a city, county or the state
wants to take our land to build through a new toll road,  Abbott and
legislators will work against Texas homeowners and their property
rights and/or will not pay top dollar to take that property from us.

I'm all for government staying out of our lives, but right now Democrats AND Republicans at state, county and city levels tell us what to do and they determine what rights we can keep and what rights they will remove for their own gain.

Confucius tells us to "Beware of the man who blows hot and cold with one breath." 

Greg Abbott is such a man.

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