Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Another Texas Push for School Vouchers



7:30:28 PM on 7 January 2015
It never ends...
Once again the Texas Legislature and their special interest cohorts are pushing for School Vouchers, saying that they would save Texans $billions.
Every couple of years the same bunch of basset hounds go into legislative session howling for school vouchers.  I suppose, if they keep doing it long enough eventually they will get it.   Sen. Donna Campbell is the newbie on the voucher block, but the rest have been doing it for decades.
Small wonder why they want vouchers.  Legislators and other officials would do anything to divert the State's constitutional obligation to provide a quality education for Texas children.
However, if you are going to have public education, then do it right!
Public schools need to return to basics, more of the reading, writing and 'rithmetic and also teach some good ol’ life lessons on how to get a job, write a resume and how to become a worthwhile citizen.
That is what public education should be.... but the Conservatives love private schools and yet  Sen. Campbell along with Rep. Jimmie Aycock and otherGOP legislators want to give private education more regulations.   Nothing like a conservative Senators and Representatives wanting more regulations over private schools... [makes me goose-pimply all over]  So much for smaller government.
Asked about vouchers recently, state Rep. Jimmie Don Aycock, R-Killeen and chairman of the House Public Education Committee, said “it will certainly get discussed — always does” but described imposing state standards on private schools as a complicating factor.
“We require curriculum control, we require teacher quality control, we require all sorts of regulations,” he said. “If I could be assured somehow that there was good quality control that followed the state money, then I’d certainly be willing to talk about it. As far as turning the money lose without any control — I’m pretty hesitant to do that.”

Anyway, aren't "state standards" a huge part of the problem inherent in public education, so legislators now want to do the same thing to private education?  Doesn't sound very smart to me.
If you don’t want public education, then get rid of it and let people pay for private schools and dump the responsibility onto the parents to educate their children... but the Liberals love their public education.   So?  What now?

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